Looking for Juniors (f/m/d) and Experts ( f/m/d) from all over Europe

Are you interested in getting a great job within Europe?

Companies in Romania and Germany are constantly looking for career starters but also for experienced experts, as well as specialists and managers in various fields.

Are you ready for a new career?

Whether you are thinking of a long or short term experience, JobTIXX can assist you throughout Europe.

JobGuides accompany candidates and companies from the beginning of the application to the end of the integration process for at least 6 to 12 months, ensuring continuity and security on both sides.

We do not leave companies and applicants alone

Career advice and personal support for applicants

We support you with personal JobGuides for onboarding and familiarization with the new company. In order to match, the optimal employer with the ideal employee, applicants at JobTIXX first go through a detailed and comprehensive assessment of their professional and personal suitability.

Individual support by JobGuides at least 6 months after joining

Once a perfect match has been found between employers and applicants, we discuss onboarding and integration of the new employees. We record the mutual expectations and commitments and in a written agreement and guide them on the path to success.

Comprehensive recruiting and onboarding service for businesses

You will receive a comprehensive candidate profile with all data and documents, as well as assessments of professional aptitude, personality, competencies and potential.

Collaboration only with companies that comply with the FairJobIndex

Companies that want to publish job offers on JobTIXX are committed to acting in accordance with the FairJobIndex. These assessments include reviewing the key figures such as social benefits that are granted to employees, staff turnover, sick leave quota, investments in health insurance, salaries offered etc.

Open positions filled quickly and appropriately

With JobTIXX, you can quickly and fairly fill positions in IT, engineering and other fields with professionals from all over Europe. Through our JobTIXX Matching we identify the ideal candidate for the optimal employer.

100% FairRecruiting guarantee

We are absolutely convinced of our methods of recruiting, such as the FairJobIndex, the assessment for applicants, the JobTIXX matching and the subsequent JobTIXX onboarding process which enables us to offer you, our clients, a guarantee up to one year. If the alliance does not work for a defined time for both, we consider our mission as unaccomplished. Thus, we offer our clients within our guarantee, a renewed recruitment process. 

Our partners of trust with extensive experience

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