Are you well trained?

You are well trained in your job and have already gained experience, or have just graduated and would like to take up a job directly?
Then JobTIXX will find the right job for you in Germany, where engineers, IT specialists and others are sought.

What to do

The first step for applicants would be to upload their personal documents. Your JobGuide will look at your documents and contact you. If everything matches, you will receive your personal JobTIXX code, your ticket to our JobTIXX process.

With the JobTIXX team you have experienced consultants at your side, and through FairRecruiting guarantee a fair evaluation and treatment in the application process, job entry and in the company.

With our personal JobGuide on your side, we ensure that you start off well in your new job in Germany. This is our guarantee since we are only successful if you are! If things do not work out, against all expectations, we will recruit you for another company, free of charge.

Simple and fair

Our team accompanies employers and applicants on the process from the application to the complete integration of the employee in the target company. We know the technical Requirements in many industries, labor law hurdles for approvals, proof of German language skills and many other problems.

Your Benefits

  1. 1
    Risk and cost free career advice

    We determine the professional and social suitability of the applicant as part of a comprehensive assessment and create an applicant profile together with you. 

  2. 2
    Placement only to companies with FairJobIndex

    We only cooperate with companies which fulfill the FairJobIndex requirements.
    We carry out extensive assessments which include reviewing the key figures such as social benefits that are granted to employees, staff turnover, data on safety measurements implemented, sick leave quota, investment in health insurance, salaries offered or a commitment of the employer for co-determination.

  3. 3
    Perfect matching between candidate and company

    By examining both sides thoroughly, we gain a comprehensive picture of employers and applicants. This is important for the ideal match. At JobTIXX, an algorithm helps us to choose the right job. We personally look at the profiles too, to ensure that the match is optimal. Of course, companies then have the option of inviting applicants for an interview.

  4. 4
    Comprehensive onboarding service

    As soon as a perfect match between employers and applicants has been found, we discuss the onboarding and integration of the new employees. We record the mutual expectations and commitments in a written agreement.

  5. 5
    Individual support by JobGuides at least 6 months after entry

    During these months, at least 6 and up to 12 months, of personal support by our JobGuides, the objectives are regularly rechecked again and again. Employers and employees receive assistance in implementing the agreed points.

  6. 6
    100% FairRecruiting Guarantee

    We are absolutely convinced of our methods of recruiting such as the FairJobIndex, the assessment for applicants, the JobTIXX matching and the subsequent JobTIXX onboarding process that we offer you our clients a one year guarantee. If the alliance doesn´t work out within the first year for both, our mission is not accomplished. Thus, our guarantee offers our clients a renewed recruitment process, free of charge.

    This is how we work: JobTIXX Process

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