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Find top employees with JobTIXX and the FairRecruiting Guarantee!

Job vacancies in your company are a challenge? You are unable to properly complete projects, meet deadlines, sales stagnate and all other employees have to take on tasks for which they have not been hired. The working environment and companies themselves are paying a heavy price due to vacant jobs.

With JobTIXX, you can quickly and fairly fill positions in IT, Engineering and other fields, with professionals from all over Europe. Our company, especially in the Romanian university city of Cluj, has experienced partners who provide graduates and outstanding experts in the field to us. Your new employee is highly trained and qualified for all the tasks as described in your employment advertising.

We implement FairRecruiting process because we are convinced of its advantages. We offer you a guarantee for successful staffing and also for the familiarisation period thereafter.

Your Benefits

  1. Vacancies filled quickly and appropriately

    Can't find suitable employees, even though your job offer is attractive? Hundreds of companies in Germany are facing the same problem. There is a lack of professionally trained young people in the engineering, IT and other sectors. With an employee from another EU country, you will fill the position quickly and appropriately. (With employees from other EU countries you will fill the positions quickly and appropriately.) JobTIXX is at your side throughout the entire process and supports you in integrating the new workforce. Report vacancies now and find ideal candidates!

  2. Perfect matching between candidate and company

    By examining both sides thoroughly, we gain a comprehensive picture of employers and applicants. This is important for the ideal match. At JobTIXX, an algorithm helps us to choose the right job. We personally look at the profiles too, to ensure that the match is optimal. Of course, companies then have the option of inviting applicants for an interview.

  3. Comprehensive onboarding service

    As soon as a perfect match between employers and applicants has been found, we discuss the onboarding and integration of the new employees. We record the mutual expectations and commitments in a written agreement.


  4. Individual support by JobGuides at least 6 months after entry

    During the months, at least 6 and up to 12 months, of personal support by our JobGuides, the objectives are regularly rechecked. Employers and employees receive assistance in implementing the agreed topics/issues.


  5. 100% FairRecruiting Guarantee

    We are absolutely convinced of our methods of recruiting such as the FairJobIndex, the assessment for applicants, the JobTIXX matching and the subsequent JobTIXX onboarding process that we offer you our clients a one year guarantee. If the alliance doesn´t work out within the first year for both, our mission is not fulfilled. Thus our guarantee offers our clients a renewed recruitment process, free of charge.

Examination of companies and applicants

As a company, you undergo a test in accordance with the requirements of the FairJobIndex. You can find out more about how this rating works in our JobTIXX process.

We would be glad to advise you on how you could enhance/boost your company´s image and your employment advertisement. Applicants also undergo an extensive test of social suitability, professional skills, and soft skills.

Companies receive from us a comprehensive candidate profile with all data and documents, as well as assessments of professional aptitude, personality, competencies, and potential. However, initially, the identity of the applicant is kept anonymous, to promote objective decisions.

Once the decision has been made to proceed with an interview, both parties will be introduced to each other.


How to Support JobGuides in the In-Process

Your company has already welcomed numerous employees from abroad. But the attitude is always a challenge again.

Our JobGuides will accompany the applicant before signing the contract and for at least the first 6 months of employment. Of course, we are not always on-site, but reliably accessible contact person. Especially in onboarding, this companion avoids serious errors and communication problems.

JobTIXX can be reached for up to 12 months if you want it. Of course, this also applies if there are doubts about the professional aptitude of the employee or other problems.

Our consultants are well versed in European labor law and can also provide assistance with residency status and tax issues.



Publish jobs now

Receive support through our FairRecruiting process to recruit employees and request the publication/advertisement of your job offers on JobTIXXWorld.

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