JobTIXX is an equal partner for employers and applicants alike. Through years of experience in human resources, we were able to develop the FairRecruiting process that gives both sides security when negotiating hiring conditions.

What is FairRecruiting?

In order to spot and match the suitable employer with the ideal employee, applicants at JobTIXX, right at the outset, go through a detailed and  varied assessment of their professional and personal suitability for the new job.

Together, we create a potential profile that imparts all details about the candidate that is essential to employers, who in turn also undergo an assessment of employment conditions, social standards, recruiting processes and corporate culture.

Applicants can be assured that JobTIXX replies promptly to their application and that employers keep their promises after job commencement.

Fair cooperation should be more than a promise. Professionals who venture to move to Germany have to be able to absolutely rely on their new employer so that one may settle quickly into the new place of residence and work, but also the company has to take steps to implement measures easing integration. This is made possible because JobTIXX gets firm agreements signed by both sides and does regular follow-ups.

You are well trained in your job and have already gained experience, or have just graduated and would like to get into a job directly?

The selection process for jobs in Germany

  1. 1
    First Contact

    Applicants enter their contact details and upload personal documents. Your JobGuide will review documents and you will receive your JobTIXX ticket code if your application is suitable. This permits you to take part in the test procedure for your soft skills.

    The first contact for employers is on phone, by email or in person on site. We explain the JobTIXX principle and accompany you through the FairRecruiting process.

  2. 2
    The JobTIXX Applicant Exam / Criteria that count

    How team-minded, flexible and reliable is the candidate? Can he/she be guided by the goals of the employer? All this will be examined in a structured personal interview with the applicant.

    Since we recruit European applicants for German companies, it is absolutely important to us to assess your language skills and if you exhibit a high motivation to improve your language level or anything else required. The interview helps the applicant to form an idea of what his/her ideal job should be and where he/she would like to be located within Germany.

  3. 3
    Employer check via the FairJobIndex

    The FairJobIndex is applied to ascertain if the companies fullfil certain standards. These include, key figures such as social benefits granted to employees but also data on safety measurements implemented, sick leave quota, investments in health insurance, staff turnover, salaries offered or a commitment of the employer to co-determination.

     The image is then concluded by detailed information about the working atmosphere, the work equipment, the team spirit, the freedoms granted in order to execute the job successfully, but also the limitations at the workplace and ultimately the company location.

  4. 4
    Matching and application documents

    By examining both sides thoroughly, we gain a comprehensive image of employers and applicants. This is crucial to finding the ideal match. At JobTixX, an algorithm helps us to choose the right job/employer. We then additionally, personally look into the profiles and to ascertain the job really matches in all aspects. Of course, employers and applicants decide the next step and have the option of meeting in an interview.

    We generally submit applicant data anonymously.

    Get an overview of the performance and qualifications of the applicant and discuss everything else in a personal conversation with us.

The Onboarding Process

If an application fulfills all the necessary prerequisites, the applicant will be invited by the company to sign the contract and we assist with drafting of the contract.

In addition, JobTIXX supports you with personal JobGuides for onboarding and familiarization with the new company. The onboarding agreement defines clear goals that eases the settling- in period.

In the integration agreement, during the settling-in period up to at least 6 to a maximum of 12 months, our JobGuide will lead you through various phases which include language level goals or further education. Likewise, regular feedback and discussions with JobTIXX and the candidate as well as with any colleagues as/if required.

Our aim is to recognize misunderstandings/disharmony in time and to find solutions.

This is how FairRecruiting works, from which everyone benefits.

Fill vacancies easily and fairly – with JobTIXX.

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