Top Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I apply for a JobTIXX job?

    The JobTIXXWorld holds a wide selection of vacancies of top employers in Germany. JobTIXX brings you in contact with top companies. As an applicant, you register with your data and qualifications. We will contact you and together we will take the next steps in the JobTIXX process.

  2. In which sectors is JobTIXX active?

    Currently, we specialize in engineering, IT and transportation. However we are constantly expanding our spectrum. If your area of specialization is not included as yet, that doesn´t matter. Send us your data and our JobGuides will definitely work out a way for you.

  3. I do not speak good German yet. Can you teach in Romanian or English?

    The consultants in our office Cluj, among others Patricia Rusu, are your contact persons for all inquiries, either in Romanian or in English. However, knowledge of German and English are prerequisites for long-term integration. Our JobGuides will provide you with information about technical language courses at all levels.

  4. As a university, we would like to work with JobTIXX for our graduates. Where can we register?

    JobTIXX is open to new partnerships in all European countries. Contact our management directly or contact our office in Cluj.

  5. I do not live in the EU, but I am looking for a job in Germany. Is JobTIXX suitable for me?

    JobTIXX currently only offers jobs to EU citizens within the EU. This is mainly due to the fact that in FairRecruiting we can comply with applicable EU laws on the free movement and equal treatment of employees. To participate in our negotiations, you need valid papers that identify you as an EU citizen.

  6. Why is it not possible to view the contact details of the companies ?

    In order to apply for the engineering job offers, you have to be registered with JobTIXX. We review your
    qualifications and match you with companies that are optimal for you. Once registered, you can actively choose the companies of interest and our JobGuides will accompany you from the first minute.

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