JobTIXX promotes projects for social cohesion

We take social responsibility not only through our FairRecruiting process but on account of several years of experience working with migrants and young people, JobTIXX is involved wherever possible, within the community, in promoting future opportunities.

FabLab / MakerSpace

The FabLab project brings together engineers, inventors and those interested in IT. MakerSpaces now exist in several cities, where people, irrespective of age, meet to share and to advance technological developments. We reach out to young people who are also enthusiastic about engineering and programming concepts. JobTIXX supports this project together with the Rotary Club Bremen-Neuenlande.

Care for refugees

Since 2015, Germany has proven that we, as a society, can warmly welcome and integrate people from war-raged countries and poverty-stricken regions of the world. The numbers show that the majority of the refugees have now found a job and have settled in Germany. With our FairRecruiting skills, we endeavor to assist refugees to find jobs, obtain verification of their qualifications and much more which is a volunteer program supported by our employees.
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